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Our Core Vaules

Rest In Grace:

We cannot do it on our own, we are dependent upon the grace of God for salvation and daily living. We never outgrow the grace of God offered to us in Jesus. We want this to shape who we are in all that we do. We never live or serve from a place of superiority, but rather always from humility, knowing we have richly received in Christ. Furthermore, resting in grace allows us to trust that God is at work even when we slow down, meaning we instill regular patterns of rest into the rhythms of our church family.

Worship in Community:

We are a diverse group of people (culturally, generationally, socio- economically), and we want to celebrate that diversity while also pursuing unity around our worship of Christ. Our gathered corporate worship is a reflection of this diversity and unity. However, we also long to see worship flowing into every arena of our lives as a community of Christ followers. This leads into who we have around our dinner table, what our backyard barbecues look like, and how we spend time with friends and family. We worship God throughout all of life, and we want to express that as a community while also showing how the gospel invites us into real, deep relationships with those that are different than us.

Walk in Mercy:

Both corporately and individually, we want to walk with compassion and kindness towards our neighbors and our community. We want to seek the welfare of our community through partnering with local organizations and empowering those within The Bridge. Through small groups, discipleship classes, and service opportunities we are equipping each other to love and serve our community spiritually and physically.

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The Bridge

As a multiethnic community in North County, we are learning to walk through life together, equip each other for service, and make Jesus known in all that we do.

Our vision is simple, The Bridge will be a welcoming community in North County that models God’s love, celebrates diversity, and pursues reconciliation.